Boaz / Gettin’ After That Money ft. Wiz Khalifa


Yeah this is how we doin it for the 2012 niggas
Clear the lane for some real shit
Get your paper on

[Verse 1: Boaz]
Futuristic cars, futuristic clothes, futuristic girls
Get the dick and go crazy, I’m always meeting those ballistic girls
Young fly nigga, they always told me I’d kiss the girls
And make them cry, say goodnight to the bad guy
I’m outta this world
They be thinking I’m crazy, they be thinkin I’m outta my mind
I be smoking that loud pack, it costs 500 that’s an ounce at a time
Doin’ P85, and a tall glass of Henessey with no
Nah I don’t really mess with stocks, still invest in blocks
Pappi hitting with the low price
Niggas still up and down with the coke price
Got the pipeline all the way to H-town
All I gotta do is get em back north, I see my bitch roundtrip on the greyhound
See I just gotta get paid, this the game that a lot of us played
One way in, no way out
Boss niggas always gotta get paid

I’m known around in these streets for
Gettin’ after that money
All the niggas I roll with
Gettin’ after that money
Been grinding like a pair of bad bricks
Gettin’ after that money
I wear a Rolex with a grill face
Gettin’ after that money
See me dressed in designer clothes
Gettin’ after that money
Always fuck with the finest hoes
Gettin’ after that money
Grip and grain in the newest cars
Gettin’ after that money
This the life of ghetto superstars
Gettin’ after that money

[Verse 2: Boaz]
Living life real close to the edge
No killer but you best not push me
Come walk through the hood with me
My niggas off the chain, a blind mane can see
You got killers on the left, drug dealers on your right
Still on a block in the middle of the night
Niggas on the stick shift, trying to get right
You could lose your life for a little bit of white
Champagne cases, president faces
Taking vacations, very nice places
From the Antarctic to the oasis

We around the world, finna tie your laces
Yeah its all kinda cash around here
Flip a bird real fast around here
And they real quick to eat your food
Slip up, that’s your ass around here
Yeah allow me to testify
Niggas know young Bo extra fly
Let a hater pop some ? shit
Ima spray the 405 like pesticide

I ain’t lettin these niggas runnin their lips
Mo like that nigga runnin the strip

Whole lobster, bucket of shrimp
UGK like Bun and the Pimp


[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
Born in ’87, car from ’87, means I’m ridin in a classic
Remember sledgin used to have the Mac 11
Down 11 nigga have it
Nowadays Im into gettin paid
My nigga gettin moneys not a habit
And the only question they askin: If I’m payin with paper or plastic
911 look drastic
OG Kush on my fabric
Whip look like it do magic
Lots of bread in my cabinent
Been rolling up since I was younger
Stack ?? were spendin in the summer
Shittin on you niggas, need a plumber
Clean up after niggas when Im done
Niggas talkin shit it go in one ear
Roll some weed it come out the other
Goin to the crib I be work hard
Roll some weed and come out another
Just me and Bo, trees rolled, blowing some of that mary jane
Sipping some of that Bombay, all my niggas rep Taylor Gang


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