Lifestyle / Rich Gang feat. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan


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[Intro: Both]
London On Da Track bitch
Rich Homie, Thugga Thugga in this mothafucka’
Rich Homie, Thugga Thugga in this mothafucka’
Rich Gang Thugga Thugga baby

[Hook: Young Thug]
I’ve done did a lot of shit just to live this here lifestyle
We came straight from the bottom to the top, my lifestyle
Nigga livin’ life like a beginner and this is only beginnin’
I’m on the top of the mountain, puffin’ on clouds and niggas still beginnin’

[Verse 1: Young Thug]
Million 5 on the Visa card
Hundred bands still look like the fuckin’ Titans (football player)
Nigga servin’ great white like I’m feedin’ sharks
I won’t do nothin’ with the bitch, she can’t even get me hard
Somethin’ wrong with the pussy
Even though I ain’t gon’ hit it, I’ma still make sure that she gushy
Me and my woadie, we don’t get caught up like that, no way
We ain’t got time to go see doctors, J (Who said money?)
Hop up in my bed full of forty bitches and yawnin’
Hey, think this a show bitch, I’m performin’
I do this shit for my daughters and all my sons, bitch
I’m a run up them bands, I’ll take care their funds, bitch
I got a moms, bitch, she got a moms, bitch
I got sisters and brothers to feed
I ain’t goin’ out like no idiot, I’m a OG


[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Still screamin’ “Fuck the otherside”
I’ma ride for my nigga, aye (Quan voice)
And I’ma die for my nigga, aye (Quan voice)
Ain’t gonna be latching on my niggas aye
Niggas couldn’t see me if they had a genie
I’ma live my life like Bennie, R.I.P. my brother Bennie
I stack them racks to the ceiling, now these niggas can’t beat me
I just might wake wantin’ Chanel and these bitches can’t see me
I’m in a whole other league
I ain’t got AIDS but I swear to God I would bleed ‘til I D.I.E
28 floors up I feel like I could F.L.Y.E.E
Pee on top of these bitches
God told me they can never stop me so they ain’t gon’ stop me
(I’m in that Corvette with baby mommy gettin’ sloppy toppy)
I’m bleedin’ red like a devil, I see these bitches plotty
They wanna know how I got M’s and I didn’t finish college


[Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan]
I do it for my daddy, I do it for my mama
Them long nights, I swear to God I do it for the come up
I’m Willie B beating on my chest, in the jungle, aye
Money on money, I got commas in every bank
Sunday through Monday I’ve been grindin’ with no sleep
Talkin’ ‘bout takin’ somethin’ from me, like no way
Thugga Thugger, that’s my brother, brother
You don’t want no trouble trouble or you can get these fists, knuckle, knuckle
Buckle up like a seatbelt or I’ll shoot yah
Punchin’ on the gas, too fast, and I lose yah
Give me a bed, and I’ll do her, I want her head, Medusa
I swear a nigga gone cause this strong I’m blowin’ super
Grindin’ for a new day
I’m skatin’, like that nigga Lupe
Aye, I’m on the top just like toupee
Aye, I’m in her mouth just like toothpaste


[Outro: Birdman]
Sitting in the middle of this ocean, Pacific that is
You understand me? Bunch of bad bitches, ya heard?
Popping that GTV, living that lifestyle , ya heard?
I do this for Ms. Gladys, boy 100

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