Everything Is Good / Juelz Santana feat. Wiz Khalifa & Bucksy Luicano



 [Juelz Santana] + (Wiz Khalifa)
Aight (hehehehehe)
Yeah (uhh…)

[Hook: Juelz Santana]
Feelin’ good (feelin’ good), lookin’ good (lookin’ good)
Livin’ good (livin’ good), everything is good (everything is good)
Aight, I wish a nigga would
Yeah, I wish a nigga would
Smokin’ good (smokin’ good), drinkin’ good (drinkin’ good)
Fuckin’ good (fuckin’ good), everything is good (everything is good)
Aight, I wish a nigga would
Aight, I wish a nigga would

[Juelz Santana]
It’s like I smell that money from a mile away
Neck full of Lucky Charms, my pockets on St. Patrick’s Day
This money I be fucking up, these bitches I be fucking ‘em
Sometimes two at once, yup, double-dutching them
I’m that nigga, you know it’s true, you wanna be me, I know you do
Your girl want me, I know she do, if I was her, I would want me too
I’m back, tell ‘em watch the throne, get a flick of my fancy clothes
Bad bitch with no panties on, tight jeans, see the camel toe
Went and got a zip from my nigga Wiz: I said what’s this? He said Amber Rose
Got a stripper pole in my bed room that your bitch be dancing on
I’m like Rihanna when it come to +Cake+; you flyer than me? No fucking way
Riding ‘round with that bitch nina, smoking keisha, that’s a double date
Somebody call up Spalding, somebody call up Nike
I done balled out of my Jordan’s, yo’ chick keep callin’
We smoke a blunt, then she strip then I tongue kiss her pussy lips
Then I come up, give her a kiss so she can taste how good her pussy is


[Wiz Khalifa]
Uhh, stuffing big cones, we ain’t smoking pinners
I’m balling like a Saint, fucking with them sinners
My pockets chunky, your shit got that thinner
How I look hungry? I got chefs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
I’m rolling up zips, fucking with the dips
These haters talking shit, just a lot of lip
See the niggas that I’m with, that’s a lot of Porsche’s
See my old school car, that’s a lot of horses
No rollie on, my eyes like I’m from Tokyo
Got a pound of weed that we all could roll but I only smoke with my homies though
And everyday I’m in the hood
And everyday I’m smoking good



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