Runways (Freestyle)

Runways (Cameras Freestyle)


Let’s go
It is what it is, man
What it was, what is wasn’t
Only Nigga

Blow it by the O
Blow a lot of paper
I got rich when was young
Now, the folks say that I’m famous
If you smoke this, You’d get high
Won’t know what your name is
All I do is keep it G
My nigga, that’s my second nature
I’m in New York with the thugs
Oakland with the scrapers
London eating Nando
Smoking weed like I’m jamaican
Monday all through sunday
All this money I be making
Never been a pussy, dawg
And never did no hating
Always been the realest
On my section no debatin’
Rolling tree I got some kush in California waiting
Breakfast on a plane, breakfast on a plane
Don’t got eat when I land
I have breakfast on a plane
Diamonds in my time, my nig
My necklace is the same
Live the way I live
You get respect just for your change
Come to where I live
You might get check just for your chain
This industry is a bitch
My dawg is best to use your brain
Keep a couple niggas around thass trynna do the same
And make a couple million for you try to make a name

[Hook: Jon B – Calling On You (sample)]
Ooh, (nigga) finally got you right here
Tonight I’ll ease your mind
That’s why I’m calling on you
And ooh soft your loves desire
It’s hard to stay away
You keep me calling on you

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