The Golden Ages


1. “2 Wings And A Crown” feat. Irv Da Phenom (produced by DJ Hoppa)

2. “The Flavor” feat. SwizZz (produced by 6ix)

3. “Maintain” feat. Joey Bada$ (produced by DJ Hoppa)

4. “Progression” (produced by Hitman)

5. “The Perspective” feat. Chel’le (produced by Aktion)

6. “Killem With Kindness” (produced by AF Supreme)

7. “Welcome Home” feat. Arima Ederra (produced by JReezy)

8. “Bout That Life” feat. Hopsin (produced by 6ix)

9. “Still Movin” (produced by JReezy)

10. “Fashion” feat. Honey Cocaine & Kid Ink (produced by Nicolas Pugach)

11. “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” (produced by SupaHotBeats)

12. “Step Yo Game Up” feat. Jarren Benton and Tory Lanez (produced by Kato)

13. “B.T.T.” (produced by DJ Hoppa)

14. “Untouchable” feat. Logic and Kirk Knight (produced by DJ Hoppa)

15. “Tellem My Name” (produced by Rikio)

16. “World Peace” (produced by Rikio)

17. “Hope You Have A Good Day” (produced by Rikio)

18. “Your Type” feat. Chel’le (produced by 6ix)

19. “Brodee Bro” feat. Capo (produced by Cardo On The Beat)

20. “The Golden Ghetto” (produced by Reuben Lewis)

21. “We Turned Out Alright” feat. Wyclef (produced by Wyclef & Sedeck Jean)

22. “New History” (produced by Rikio)

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