More Than A King / Kid Ink


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An honest man often grows cruel
When converted into an absolute prince
Born from power, a bitter from fear
The madness, the treachery
The strong mixture of troubles
It is a man’s own mind
Not his enemy a fool that lures him to evil ways
More than a man, more than a king
More like God!

I feel like like
More than a man, more than a king, more like God
It’s more than a city, more than a village where we are
Feels so superhuman
Everything’s so super fly

[Verse 1]
Uh, I don’t need no cake
Coming in high just to beat yo grace
Wait, everybody sound so reckless
King me, these niggas still playin checkers
Me? A nigga stay chest to chest
Let somebody else check the check
In my city protect your neck
It’s more than a method, man of the year, uh
The man of the hour, sold-out shows before I sold one album
Riding round with this gold A on my chest like Alvin
Whole team winning, OG hit a homerun each inning
We don’t talk much till you free, seen niggas
It’s showtime, check yo two feet nigga
I’m 1080(ten-eighty)p seeing everything clear through my red eyes
Runnin these streets past me a Gatorade when you see a nigga zoom by
Zoom out, you’re standing way too close
Groupie boy worse than a new ho
Cold heart growin, need a new coat
Too high, tryna find my new low

To me a moving nature
Crosses the line into the relation to other men
A burn appetite and desire
Becomes lust and passion
The dominion that lands to hell over nature
He also seeks to have his brothers
So closely remind of his own proper beginning
And crossing on gods
Only God is to have dominion over all

[Verse 2]
Uh, so I just sit back and laugh at em
Blowin kush and success my bad habit
Sacrifices, I might take a stab at em
Feelin ain’t no man like me since Adam
Ask me, these actors is half-assin’
I’m a active, addict but I action
Racks in, racks out, girl keep flashin
Fact is, live the life that you niggas fathom
Work hard to ball when ain’t one to pass it
In the past but I was way too passionate
Way too much drive, almost crashed it
To the casket, fuck that to the ashes
Uh, burn one nigga, off so much loud, know you heard my nigga
Uh, what’s the word my nigga
Been gone since November my nigga uh
Yea, tell a bitch kick the feet out
Anything she left, left me like regal
Lit em on fire, take take em all down
Pull out the shots and take it like pow
Faded off my own strain
Better pull to the side, this is my own lane
Speedin over limit, hittin corners in a maze
I can see where we going, hope the signs don’t change

More than a man, more than a king, more like God
More than a man, more than a king, more like God
More than a man, more than a king, more like God



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