Honey Cocaine / Love Coca (Love Sosa)



[ Hook ]
These bitches love Sosa,niggas love Coca
Out here with my soldiers,there ain’t shit like Coca
Listen bitch I’m loca, I’m so fuckin’ loca
These bitches love Sosa,niggas love Coca ( x2 )

[ Verse I ]
All them niggas love cocaine
I ain’t sayin’ no names
Half of you niggas got no game
I just want money I don’t need fame
I’m the boss y’all kissin’ me
What you think, I’mma fuckin’ make history
I just can’t fuck with the industry
Only my ex has been with me, yo’ lil’ bitch ass
I ain’t fuckin’ suck nobody, with yo’ bitch ass
This what hustle is, you fake ass bitch I did that
All this money, I ain’t got no place to fit that, fuckin’ rich ass
Damn I use to be broke as shit, we focused bitch we know our shit
The golden kid I’mma go with it,so the queen turned gold so I’mma go with it
Why you talkin’ but you ain’t come to my face
A hunned’ fuckin’ Asians out here finna’ hit yo’ place (Bitch)
I signed myself, fuck a deal I signed myself
All by myself, I try myself and I hustle till I got by myself
You jealous, it’s nothing you can tell us
So don’t act like you just realer
My name Coca, fuck yo’ dealer bitch

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