Almost Home (Freestyle) / Kid Ink



▼Kid Inkプロフィール▼

It’s Kid Ink
You see it

I said I’m almost home
5:28 (up) a.m. up till the morning
Living the dream (dream)
Money & The Power
All that a young nigga want
Ride for the team
Bossin’ Up
With a Barbie and her best friend
I got a right fist on the wheel and another fat blunt in my left hand
So get high, and Fuck Sleep
I gotta eat out, looking for a feast
Acting Hollywood, don’t need your feature
But you in my city, hoping that we don’t meet
Meetings overseas, call it a paid-cation
Can’t stop now, niggas started from the basement
Mentality, go get and take it
Take ya chances, so close can taste it
Kid Ink baby, repping Tha Alumni
Two in the air, but I’m ducking for the one time
Time Of Your Life, got me sittingg on the top of the world
War if you want, I’ve been putting in the work
‘Bout to put ‘em in the dirt
I put it all on the line when the deal sign
Nine times out of ten niggas don’t last
But ‘I Ain’t Worried About Nothing’ like Montana
No shirt, tattoos running out of room
House party, bitches running in and out of rooms
Out law a nigga, I don’t know not a rule
Blowing kush to the wind, I don’t never lose
CNN nigga we the news
Can’t hang over here, gon’ get a noose
Off that loud couldn’t hear a nuke
Gold grill and diamond chipped tooth
They love when I’m hood not complex
Fuck yo list I’m Billboard Top Ten
Going for gold on the yellow brick road
Been away for a minute but I’m almost home

It’s Kid Ink
You see it

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