Fighter Jet / Caligula ft. Wiz Khalifa


Verse 1 Caligula:
Danger on the Beat Nigga hit ‘em with that shit yeah
Walked out the bank
Lookin hella swag
Bitches love the taste so i told ‘em, “baby thanks.”
Say she wanna fuck now im diggin in the cakes
I mean she love to suck my dick
Let me bust it in her face
Hold up, can’t control the kid
Outfit so fresh i see you noticed it
Built like an ox on some soldier shit
Lets get some pot on the spot nigga roll the shit
Gets me higher than a fighter
F-14 some shit from California with the color forest green
Matter of fact thats some G-13
Niggas stuck with some shit its called purple charlie seen
Bitch, they love my shit
Cause im swagged out bitch
NARS revenge
Jaws drop from the cars we whip
Hip porter 45 case they started shit Bitch
Make it clap girl what you talkin about?
Pop that ass girl what you talkin bout
Club goin wild everybody showin out
Fly niggas in the VIP, Don P is pourin out
Now we go bananas
Up in diamonds of Atlantis
Smackin’ strippers on the booty like we got no manners
Super fly face all up in the camera
NARS on the roster nigga understand her

Money pilin’ up, but even ain’t even even count it yet
We the shit bitch, u ain’t even got it yet
Gettin bank lil swag but u gotta get your girl off my dick
Cause im flyer than a fighter jet
Fly, im flyer than a fighter jet
Fly, im flyer than a fighter jet
Fly, im flyer than a fighter jet
Them switch that i hit keep me higher than a fighter jet

Verse 2 Wiz Khalifa:
Uhh rollin up paper cause i got paper
Gettin all of this money yall put in labor
Top floor i dont know if i got no neighbors
Give a fuck about a cost, give a fuck about a hater
So many cars i built another garage
So many pounds come fuck with me rollin down
Im smokin good whenever im in your town
Your bitch is lookin for Taylor, she gettin them cap and gowns
Hold up, i ain’t in there if i can roll up
Pants skinny but the pockets on them bitches swolled up
Ridin old school, Wish my doors dont go up
If it ain’t about 6 digits then i dont show up
Lil nigga grow up
Just grab some gin and poor up
I got niggas sick
Haters bout to throw up
Niggas mad cause they last name, it need progression
Roll a joint mixed with hash
Thats a lethal weapon
And i with all my niggas
And we all gettin money
Bitch im smilin’ cause im Highed up
Nigga ain’t shit funny?
Smokin and Rappin
Thuggin and Trappin
Every nigga that i came with is on drugs
Every nigga that i came with is bossed up


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