The Play / Wiz Khalifa(ウィズ・カリファ)


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Tell you about these Taylors
Niggas that I ride for, ugh

[Verse 1]
We get it on our own
Real niggas in the struggle, you’re not alone
We ain’t have any major label backin’
Just me and my niggas and we made sure we was crackin’

The biggest squad get the biggest check
Ask around, we the last real niggas left
And there ain’t nobody like us
Knew that we was on but the city didn’t like us
Fuck your roll, made our own path
Grew up low class, I ain’t go to class
Front on the gang and it won’t last
You get no pass, ain’t no goin’ back

You wouldn’t have a clue
It’s like I wouldn’t have any idea what it feel like to be you

[Verse 2]
When you work hard for everything you got
They can’t come take it

When you go back on sayin’ you’ll keep your word
You can’t unbreak it
When we was in that (?) they couldn’t see us ballin’
Perfect record, now my team is flawless
Victory nigga, promise I go hard til you sick of me
For my squad, I give all of my energy
Make it hard not to remember me
Want it all, not just a little piece
We really started from nothin’
No handouts dog, we really got it from nothin’
You niggas got it from stuntin’, got it from frontin’
Light up a J, I’mma roll up an onion

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