Slide Through / E 40 & Too Short feat. Tyga


E 40 & Too Short / Slide Through feat. Tyga


[Verse 1: E-40]
I got a sack of that romulan and I’m ready to party
A box of them condoms and a bottle of dark
I’m ready nine milli in case they think I’m a mark
Pull up and I park, then I hop out the lark
Freshly hitted and fitted, from my head to my socks
But she don’t wanna suck me, she wanna fuck my watch
My diamonds hella noisy, sound like an opera when they sing
Big ass medallion ‘round my neck, look like a playground scene
She say ‘I like yo bling, I like yo ice’
‘How much it cost?’ A few dollars, but fuck the price
Got it from selling nasal candy, base rocks, rice
Without the soy sauce, cappers, some sleepless Nikes (Belee dat)
I’m a whale, I’m a top hat
I’m rocking what I see and what I’m looking at
You got the snapback and I ain’t talking ‘bout the cap
Pretty young thang, like hella pre

[Verse 2: Too Short]
I told her put something sexy on
No bra, little dress, and thong
I’m coming through with that extra long
IPod with the best songs
When I’m horny I don’t play bitch
Hit the store and got a bottle of your favourite shit
I know how to please a woman
Give her what she wants when I’m cuming
I like loading aim
Then I’m up out on the road of game
All these females know my name
Heard I was slanging that golden thang
Too many traps too check
Bitches always wanna have nasty sex
But it’s too much cash to get
I never leave empty-handed, ask the bitch

[Verse 3: Tyga]
King guapa, panty dropper
Give a bitch that boom; Chief Rocka
Shock locker, neck boppers, Phantom driver
All white ghost, no opera
Street mobber, rich one to kick like shocka
Riding with a thing on my thing; let it chop her
Fuck coppers, ‘bang bang’ at yo partna
We body, you body boys no problem
Sick Wid It, no liers
Admit it, Forty Water, we on fire
Wet pussy, now I’m diving
Full of that drink, now I’m driving
I’m a beast bitch, on ya knees bitch
Off the Hennessey, now we looking for a freak bitch
Like Lil B said, ‘I can fuck yo bitch’
So I’mma fuck yo bitch

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