Mind of a Stoner / Machine Gun Kelly ft. Wiz Khalifa




[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
Ok, I lost my job last night
Picked up my  paycheck
But 35% of it’s gone already cuz Uncle Sam ain’t get paid yet
Mom and them bitchin bout this rent
I ain’t even gon’ say shit
And half  of what is left goes to her
(why?) Cuz I ain’t use that latex, damn
Cheese sandwich and chips (meal)
Slim just spilled his drink in my Toyota  96 (wheels)
Well at least that blunt is lit
Don’t they say life is what  you make it?
Then I’m tryna make it money
And ride through my hood clean  as Easter Sunday, that’s wassup, uh

[Hook: Wiz Khalifa]
All my  dreamer’s put your hands in the sky
All my dreamer’s put your hands in the  sky
One time
All my dreamer’s put your hands in the sky
All my  dreamer’s put your hands in the sky
One time
For the bullshit that you  came from
Worked hard to get away from
But the devils there and you just  can’t seem to shake em
Two times
For them long nights that you stayed  up
Thinkin about that paper
Crush it, lick it, split it, light it, blaze  up
From the mind of a stoner, from the mind of a stoner
Simple thoughts  from a loner, simple thoughts from a loner
Just the mind of a stoner, the  mind of a stoner
Simpler thoughts from a loner, simple thoughts from a  loner, oh

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
Parents aren’t doin much now  since little brother got locked up
And I’m stuck smokin this mid waiting for  the weed man to get stocked up
And my girl cancelled on me, said something  else popped up
And I can’t get with my ex now cuz her ring finger all rocked  up,damn,
No one likes you when your 23 without a plan
Sit around in  apartments all day smokin weed and I’m like
“bitch don’t kill my vibe, bitch  don’t kill my vibe”
Till I (skkrrrrrrttt) out in my Subaru and in the rear  view is them lights
I’m talking about red white and blue
The same color  as our flag
The one’s that they say salute
But the ones that’s whoopin  my ass
And the same days that I’m happy
Is the same days that I’m  mad
Cuz I can’t go 24 hours without shit happening to my ass, get  high


[Outro talking: Machine Gun Kelly]
Rollin up  this weed
Thinkin about life
And you know what?
I’m good, yeah!

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