Good For Us / Wiz Khalifa(ウィズ・カリファ)


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I loved rappin in New York
KK and dirty lemonade
And I just checked the charts too
I’m still #1 (hahaha)

[Wiz Khalifa]
Wake up wake up
Bake up bake up
Money comin’
She lookin’ good
With no make up
Pull up pull up
Full of that Kush
I wish you would
My nigga
It’s misunderstood
No pain no gain
I play the game
Got cars got fame
Got on days change
I stayd the same
When she come over I need more brain
And we get stoned and we gon’ ball a higer score game
Them niggas cool, they ain’t right tho
I have you summer by the pool gettin’ right
Leavin’ school thakin’ flight
Sayin’ you would, would you might tho
Stop fuckin’ with the nigga that you [?]
It’s Taylor Gang life
You be pourin’ out champaigne, spillin’ it up
Puttin’ money in the safe, would be fillin’ it up
Got the number one record and I’m still in the cut
It’s the Gang baby, ain’t nobody realer
Roll the next one bigger

[Chorus: Marvin Gaye]

Let’s light a joint
Drink some [mushroom tea?]
Have a conversation

I wanna take you around the world
I wanna show you some things
I wanna get away from all that shit
Just leave it all

If you smoke a little bit of weed
I’ll some a little bit with you

Taylor Gang
We ain’t going no where
We just gettin’ higher
Tryin’ to do things

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